Yeon (From Little Trouble Maker)

Pure Set

Oct 12, 2019
Name: Yeon
Nickname/Alias: Undecided.
Age: 21
Apparent Age:
Date of Birth: April 7, 1998
Species/Ethnicity: Human, Asian
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120

Hair Color: Long, Ash-Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
Markings/scars/other defining characteristics: Undecided

Leather Chokers, usually black. A black low-hanging lotus necklace, and a black watch.

Family: Divorced Overworking Father and Mother. But thinks of her girlfriend Dawn, and Dawn's younger sister Keira as her chosen family.
Allies: Dawn, Keira.
Enemies: Usually tries to get along with everyone.

Morally Good and caring.
Mission/Goal: Find her own way, make her own money to move out of her father's house. And wishes for a successful life with Dawn and Keira.

Clothing: Light blue plaid flannel, black tank top, black jeans, with a short black skirt over top. Black and white running shoes. Anything comfortable, feminine and casual.

Personality: Playful, teasing, but kind-hearted. Can have a wicked temper if warranted and pushed to a breaking point, but otherwise tries to be understanding more times than not.

History: Parents got divorced over a money dispute. She lives with her over-working father, whom doesn't pay her much attention. So instead she seeks that attention from Dawn, and is working jobs in order to move out of her father's home, and move in with Dawn and Keira, once they can afford to find a new, safer place together, that has the room for all of them.

Once had a large parade blimp deflate and land on her and other onlookers when she was younger, so now has a fear of them.

Weaknesses: Sometimes too nice and understanding.

Writing, exercising. Yoga. Relaxing. But enjoys trying new things.

Likes: Healthy food and exercise. Writing. Animals. Dates with Dawn. And spankings.

Conflict, Seeing Dawn or Keira hurt. Large parade blimps.