Setting Information


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Aug 19, 2019
This roleplay takes place in the fictional kingdom of Illyria, a place with something of a Victorian feel to it. In this kingdom, humans are in the minority, and various other species not only exist but thrive. No one species is 'born evil', they were instead shaped by how they were raised and the environment they grew up in. The kingdom has been at peace for well over 50 years and the monarch seeks to keep it that way.

Haven itself is a large estate that serves as a boarding school for exceptional students regardless of their background. Here their talents are nurtured and they are taught to excel in whatever they choose to pursue. There are standard lessons such as literature, arithmetic, history as well as lessons in music and even etiquette. The estate is a complex on a sprawling property with the main mansion, where everyone lives, and then a separate school building as well as stables and a small building that is rumored to be a torture chamber.

The staff of Haven is comprised of Caretakers, who are in charge of the residents outside of school hours, teachers who are responsible for the residents' education, and servants who take care of the menial tasks associated with running the household.

This is an RP that centers around disciplinary spanking in a boarding school setting. There are also other punishments involved such as writing lines, timeouts, mouth soaping, early bedtimes, and grounding.

The servants of the manor may be subjected to other punishments, ginger root for example, as well as being dressed up at the master's whims.

The bedrooms are suites which have attached private baths.
There is also a basement but that is adult only and unknown and inaccessible to students.

Master of the House: in charge of everyone and everything that goes on at Haven.
Majordomo: The Master's steward and basically his second in command.

Caregivers: responsible for the students when they aren't attending classes.
Teachers: Adults responsible for children's educations.
Servants: Adults tasked with the day to day chores of the estate.
Students: Children who have come to Haven to receive a top-notch education.

Caregivers and Teachers are both considered spanker roles.
Servants are the adults who still face punishment if they do something wrong.
Students are the underage spankees.

House Layout