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Aug 19, 2019
House rules state no ones to go into the woods~
rumors and legends
lots of folklore of the town talk about creatures that live there
sometimes small balls of light that whisper seem to try to lead children into the woods
Rumors talk of the faceless man in the woods,
They say the faceless man draws water from a wishing well that's been lost to time that resides in the overgrowth of the forest
Other rumors say the Devil's wife lives in the woods towards the northwest sector in a small cottage
rarely she comes into town.
though she never speaks to anyone.
They say the forest its self is alive.
It -knows' when outsiders are present, and they say an ancient creature holds dominion over the woods and its denizens.
Scary shit will happen if you venture into the woods.
And IF someone does do it both Clever and I need to be about so please keep that in mind and ask beforehand if you want to try and plan an excursion. Thank you~

'Magical powers' should be within the realm of believability, even in fantasy land This is anything from actual spells, to psychic abilities, to freaky super martial arts. Special talents, like an aptitude for something, being EXCEEDINGLY good at something or other even, are okay, but there are limits. No six-year-olds hacking governmental agencies, or preteens with college degrees. The watchword here is ‘reasonable.’ This isn't to say you can't be better than any real-world person could be expected to be at something, but don't go overboard with it. General Wankerness: Please don't do it. Please. Not only this, but your character should act roughly their age. A seven-year-old should talk and act like someone roughly around their age. A ten-year-old shouldn't have ungodly pain tolerance. Being a bit immature for your age is fine, so long as it isn't a giant inconvenience. In fact, just avoid ungodly pain tolerance at all. I know that common sense isn't exactly common, but unless the kids are from a crazy abusive household, they should know to ask for things, what is acceptable and not acceptable, how to address adults and things along that line. A kid would know to not make a huge mess without making a huge mess.

Also, when making a character, I'd love to heavily stress and impress upon you to give your character room to grow. Stagnating characters gets boring to play with, if it doesn't get boring for you to play with. I like to see when characters grow and develop. Adult Characters are a bit looser, but not a lot. Kakashi need not apply. Try to keep it within sanity, and make sure your idea is someone a person in their right mind would actually allow near kids. Patience and firmness are both suggested virtues, but not absolute.

Adults will be the main ones to really have 'powers' available. If otherwise as Passionate Shadow if it is okay.

Rules: 1 Don't be rude. 2 Don't piss off the DM. 3 Have fun.

The Main roleplay will take place in The Valendale Manor, a home where Children are Adopted. Matthew Valendale is the owner of the Valendale Manor, and he works at the Head Master of Haven Academy and teaches Creative Writing to the seniors. Owen is also another authoritative figure around the Valendale Manor that helps raise and take care of the many kids. Matthew owns the Antique Shop and the Pawn Shop in town and pays visits every now and then. Matthew is married to the wonderful Governess and Head Mistress, Victoria Valendale. He and she run the house and the school as a team. If you are in trouble at school, Daddy and Mommy will know about it one way or another.

Setting: Modern Day era on a secluded woodland isle with a mountainous region. The Isle is home to several simple locals.

Haven Academy, The main school~ Linden Hallows, The Golden Shire, Cherry Tree Lane, Green Garden District & Rosemary Road are the residential sectors of the city that house the majority of the populace. Maple Market stands at the dead center of the town quite literally making it the market square and the main gathering place for town festivals and gatherings and is home to numerous mom and pop shops, and novelty shops that hold the charm of olden days. Willow Brook Park is a large outdoors park with a HUGE playground and running track that borders the City and rests against the edge of the Shadowfen Forrest. Shadowfen Forest is the woods that encase the town and lead off towards the Mountain of Gold Crest. [Stay out of the woods; No seriously bad things happen there...] The Hidden Glade is a simple, Glade Hidden within the heart of the Shadowfen Forrest. Mangrove Cove is the City's port station by the beach, known as Sycamore Shores, where boats come in and out bringing in goods or tourists from the mainland.

The children's rooms are fairly Simple usually, but not bare. Each contains a writing desk, bed, dresser, and vanity mirror. Some may be more fanciful than others.(edited)

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Students /Children's Living Quarters Located on the second floor. After 2pm, students are free to roam the school, and entertain themselves as they please, but after 8pm, they are expected to be within their own rooms. After 9pm, they are to be in bed. Wandering the halls is expressly forbidden for anything other than using the restroom.(edited)

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The Dining Hall Located on the first floor. Students have all their meals together here, and are expected to use their best table manners. Headmasters and Teachers sit at the head of the table, students on either side of it.(edited)

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The Dance Hall On the first floor. Students of both genders are expected to attend dance classes. Both ballroom dancing, and ballet are taught here, three times a week.(edited)

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The Headmaster's office Located on the first floor, opposite the classroom. Should you find yourself within the headmaster and headmistresses office, you should hope you're there to receive some sort of award for excellent behavior. If that is not the case, you should prepare yourself to be one unhappy pupil. Within the many cabinets surrounding the room, there are any number of items to put you back on the straight and narrow path.(edited)

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Winterhaven Town
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kay I want an adult-size version of the pirate ship one
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