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Aug 19, 2019
Server Rules

1. This server is strictly 18+. If you're under the age of 18, sorry but you are not allowed here.

2. Please be respectful to other members, do not get into arguments or cause needless drama.

3. Absolutely NO roleplaying anything sexual with any character under the age of 18. It's not allowed, don't do it.

4. This is a semi-literate roleplay, which means that at minimum your replies should be a small paragraph. Explain your character's thoughts and feelings about a situation, be descriptive with your writing, please. All replies should also be from the 3rd person POV.

5. Characters must be humanoid. Animal ears and tails are fine as are wings, fangs, and other minor feature alterations.

6. 11 is the minimum age for students.
6. a. There is a college for students who are 18+

7. In the interest of keeping things neat and tidy, once a week I will go through and delete the accounts that do not have a role. Your role will be assigned upon the acceptance of your character.

8. Please do not badger people to roleplay or try to guilt trip them into it. Everyone has their own preferences as far as partners and scenes that they enjoy. By the same token, be aware of what is going on in each room and if you do not wish to interact with certain characters do not join a scene that they are involved in and then refuse to interact with them.(edited)
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Roleplay Rules

1. A bio must be submitted and approved before you are allowed to join the roleplay.

2. Please end one scene before moving on to the next, do not have the same character involved in more than one thing at a time. Also, please be patient for replies due to timezone differences and such. In the event that an RP has gone without a reply for over 48 hours, I will end the scene and summarize what happened with the characters.

3. No god-modding or power playing is allowed. Please give others a chance to react to what your character did rather than just stating what happened. A certain amount of leniency is given to the adult characters as there are certain things that an adult would be expected to be able to force a smaller individual to do.

4. This is a roleplay centered around disciplinary spanking but with that said, please do not make an insufferable brat who goes from one misbehavior to the next. Unruly characters are fine but please refrain from having your character do something to immediately earn a spanking right after they've just been given one.

Rules are subject to change