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Aug 19, 2019
"Did you even listen to a word I just said to you?" Tristan questioned when his roommate just said 'what' in response to his statement about the other young man going to clean his room. Heaving a sigh Tristan ran a hand through his black hair, mussing it up a bit and also briefly revealing the scar over his right eye before the hair fell to cover it once again. "Okay, I get that this is a big change for you and you will need some time to get used to it but if this is going to work then you need to actually listen to me when I speak to you." Tristan was keeping his voice calm as he said this but he was also speaking with a hint of sternness to his tone.

And feeling decidedly like he was channeling his dad in this moment.

This was not something that he had ever foreseen happening and he was somewhat bemused at the thought if he were being honest with himself. Turning into his dad was the last thing he had expected to occur when he went off to college and yet here he was. Promising to spank his roommate if Colotn didn't straighten up his lifestyle. "I said, you should go and straighten up your room... at least make it livable," Tristan said, giving Colton another chance and speaking slowly and clearly as he repeated his words from earlier.


Sep 7, 2019
"Yeah yeah. I got you." He said still distracted. His attention was still entirely on the funds as entered his room, leaving the door open as he walked past the mess to put the money into a bedside drawer. As Colton put the money into the drawer he poked his head out and heard Tristan continuing to speak. 'Oh he was still talking. He's being much more serious than I thought he would be.' He thought, realizing he was being scolded. The contract was still fresh in his head, so he didn't complain about it since he did just agree to it, but if this would be normal then that may change.

"Alright alright. I'll listen I'll listen. My bad." He stated casually, not looking his roommate in the eyes. He really just wanted to end the conversation so he could go out to spend some of his money. Not all of it, just a couple things that had piqued his interest a few days ago.

With a sigh, he looked back at his wreck of a room. Now that it was pointed out, it really did look like a hurricane had ran through it. "Alright... alright. I'll improve it." Honestly, he didn't even know where to start, but he'd at least make an attempt at it. His mind was still on the money though. Even Colton knew that the attempt would not be a great attempt, but he may as well try to at least appease Tristan. So he nodded at him, and closed to door.