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Aug 19, 2019
Name: Remiel
Remi Xenos
Age: Unknown (ancient)
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Date of Birth: Unknown
Species/Ethnicity: Seraphim
Gender: Male
Height: 6’7’’
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: gold

Markings/scars/other defining characteristics: N/A

Holy sword that can be summoned as needed
Golden key worn around his neck which binds his powers to a degree

Tempo – his little dragon pet
Kaelyn – another little dragon pet


Ezrael – father: biological
Evangelos – brother: biological
Krystal – sister: biological
Julian – brother: biological
Terry – future brother in law apparently
Crystal, Trick, Nikki, Jade – future nephews and niece

A pack of angels

Evan’s lackeys

Alignment: Lawful Good
Mission: To maintain the balance between good and evil as well as to help his brother regain his status as an archangel.

Clothing: Much like his brother, he’s a bit of a snob and tends to dress at least semi-formal

Personality: Outwardly cold and detached, not allowing things to get to him as he is a trained soldier and above such base shows of emotion. He almost appears as though he has no emotions but that is just from years of suppressing them. Occasionally he will slip up and show a hint of emotion but these instances are few and far between, or at least they were until his little pets and Evan and his family came into play. He has a protective streak when it comes to little ones.

History: He was trained as a warrior angel and spent a great deal of his time training other angels and making sure that they did as they were tasked. Eventually he rose up in the ranks and became head of the Council of Seven, the group tasked with overseeing all of the angels and making sure that their mission was fulfilled and that good triumphed over evil. There was another, darker, mission that was given to him and that was the task of executing his younger brother, who had fallen into a life of depravity and self-indulgence and was committing atrocities that the angels simply could not overlook. Remiel had no desire to kill the sibling that he had raised however and so he instead made it his mission to ensure that Evan was rehabilitated and could redeem himself.

An ongoing struggle to say the least.

Powers/ Strengths:
Ability to summon a holy sword at will
Advanced healing
Memory modification

His wings are a vulnerability
Has a greater susceptibility to being possessed
Has a greater vulnerability to beings with mind control powers
Has a seal that is used to keep his powers in check while he’s in the human realm so that he doesn’t adversely affect anything. That is the purpose of the key worn around his neck and while the seal can be removed by the wearer he has given his oath that he will only do so in a life or death situation.

He enjoys training dogs… and other things

Things being in order
People who follow orders

People who cannot or will not do as they are told