(Open RP! Need Spankee) The Bratty Prince of Planet Vegeta

Jan 26, 2020
Planet Vegeta
Rote wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea that he was now in charge of Prince Vegeta's education and training. The boy was barely six years old but had overpowered every teacher he had been given within just a short few months. And if Rote was being honest with himself, he wasn't sure how long he would even have to teach the boy. The child had a power level close to six thousand and fought with a skill and grace like that of a veteran warrior.

That wasn't to mention the fact that he had never really taught anyone before.

His entire military career up to this point had been going to Planet to Planet, killing off the population and then moving to the next. So the reason why King Vegeta had even chosen him in the first place was still a mystery to him. At least he got to live in the Palace. That was pretty nice and it sure beat his modest apartment. Hell, he would even be able to feast with King and his family at meals too! Maybe this wouldn't be too bad.

The seven-foot, muscle-bound Saiyan frowned as he checked the time on his scouter. It was nearly seven o'clock and the Prince was nowhere's in sight yet. He sincerely hoped he wasn't already making an ass of himself and was waiting in the wrong training yard. That would be humiliating.