Keira ( From "Little Trouble Maker" )

Pure Set

Oct 12, 2019
Name: Keira
Nickname/Alias: undecided
Apparent Age: 12

Date of Birth: March, 17, 2008
Species/Ethnicity: Human, A
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3
Weight: 95

Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Markings/scars/other defining characteristics: Undecided

Weapons/Accessories: A bright blue see-through cat ear headband/headset, for listening to music.

Family: Older Sister Dawn
She thinks she's alone.
Enemies: In her eyes, Yeon her sister's girlfriend.

Morally good, but does misbehave often.

Mission/Goal: Getting her Sister's attention.

Clothing: Black zip-hoodie, with a Neon multi-coloured fox face design on the front, Navy Blue cargo jeans, black sneakers with a blue stripe. Mainly tomboy style clothing.

Personality: Bratty, prankster. But just wanting attention and affection.

History: After losing their parents in a terrible accident, her older sister and herself, went and lived with her grandparents. Before Dawn moved out shortly after completing school. Now Keira has been moved to live with her older sister Dawn, whom now has full-guardianship over her. Since they couldn't keep relying on their grandparents.

Hobbies: Playing video games, playing volleyball, and bugging her older sister.

Likes: Video games, stuffed animals, pranks, volleyball, dogs, pizza, lasagna .

Dislikes: Being ignored,
vegetables , snakes, spiders. And School.


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