Fandom & OC Roleplay Recruitment

Jan 26, 2020
Planet Vegeta
Name: Spankable Vegeta

Role: Seme/Spanker

Sexuality: Gay, prefers M/M pairings

Fandoms: Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia

Info: My required standard of Roleplaying is the ability to post 2-3 Paragraphs per post. Shorter replies, especially one-liners will instantly kill any interest that I would have with the RP. As per the rules of this site. ERP will only be done with the characters 18+. My PM's are open, both on discord and on this site. I'm pretty friendly if busy at times. If we start and RP and I haven't replied in about four-plus days, just send me a quick reminder in the PM's. I'm also happy with just chatting for fun if that's what you would like to do. If you ever wish to drop an RP with me I am perfectly fine with being told. I won't be angry or bite. Also, don't be shy about bringing up any kinks that you wish to play out within the RP. I'm pretty kinky myself so don't be shy to bring something up with me.

Fandom Pairings: (Too Many To List)

OC Pairings:
Human x Android
Master x Slave
Vampire x Mortal
Werewolf x Vampire
Vampire X Werwolf
Cop X Criminal
Teacher X Student
Senior x Freshman
Angel X Demon
Demon x Angel
Bully x Victim
Victim x Bully
Brother x Brother
Father x Son
BodyGuard X Prince
Warrior x Prince
Prince x Peasant

(More to be added later)