1. CleverFox

    Bedtime Blues 2019-09-20

    It's past bedtime but Crevan would rather have some fun. Unfortunately this is interrupted and it's Tyler who takes the fall for his friend. Written for Angel~
  2. CleverFox

    Woes of the Foxboys 2019-09-15

    Skipping class is just never a good idea, a lesson that Tyler and Crevan both learn the hard way. Another little gift I wrote for a friend~
  3. CleverFox

    Red-tailed Fox 2019-09-13

    Fighting at school is never a good thing, a lesson that Tyler learns the hard way. Just a little story that I wrote for a friend.
  4. Naughty Little Fox

    Naughty Little Fox

    A sketch by PS featuring Tyler
  5. Corner Time

    Corner Time

  6. Tyler spanking Crevan

    Tyler spanking Crevan

    Look at these gay foxes.
  7. Ref for Tyler

    Ref for Tyler

  8. Tyler Headshot

    Tyler Headshot

  9. Chibi Tyler

    Chibi Tyler

  10. Ty believes he's a Punk

    Ty believes he's a Punk

  11. Fashion Fox Files!

    Fashion Fox Files!

  12. Tyler and Cicero

    Tyler and Cicero

  13. I'm mean to Ty.

    I'm mean to Ty.

    This is mean.
  14. Bad decisions

    Bad decisions

  15. Schoolboy Ty

    Schoolboy Ty

  16. Ribbed


  17. Ty with Daddies pt 2

    Ty with Daddies pt 2

  18. Ty with Daddies pt 1

    Ty with Daddies pt 1

  19. Little School Blues

    Little School Blues

  20. Tyler the Roadie

    Tyler the Roadie