1. eluka_frog_01.png


    Spanker: Medusa Spankee: Eruka Artist: Unknown
  2. Rey and frog nun the last Jedi

    Rey and frog nun the last Jedi

  3. Bedtime Spanks

    Bedtime Spanks

    Another commission by the lovely Pastel~ https://www.deviantart.com/pastel-hime
  4. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir https://www.deviantart.com/adrienoir
  5. Twinsie snuggles

    Twinsie snuggles

    Rafe comforting a sad Crevy. A commission by the lovely Pastel https://www.deviantart.com/pastel-hime
  6. Fury and Harmony

    Fury and Harmony

    A commission from PS, my little kitsunes as kidlets. Fury is the boy and Harmony is the girl.
  7. Sea of Tears

    Sea of Tears

    Artist: Aprion
  8. SIS For Security

    SIS For Security

    Artist: Aprion
  9. Prison


    Artist: Aprion
  10. Poor Little Karla

    Poor Little Karla

    Artist: Aprion
  11. Keeper


    Artist: Aprion
  12. Kassi Gets It

    Kassi Gets It

    Artist: Aprion
  13. Hot Pirate Booty

    Hot Pirate Booty

    Artist: Aprion
  14. From Shower To Spanking

    From Shower To Spanking

    Artist: Aprion
  15. Domestic Discipline

    Domestic Discipline

    Artist: Aprion
  16. Hexer Spank

    Hexer Spank

    Artist: Aprion
  17. Beehave 2

    Beehave 2

    Artist: Aprion
  18. It Stings It Burns

    It Stings It Burns

    Artist: Aprion
  19. Unsporty


    Artist: Aprion
  20. Tantrum Trouble pt 3

    Tantrum Trouble pt 3

    Part 3 Artist: Aprion