take me to church

  1. fun times.png

    fun times.png

    Enjoy ;>
  2. Unhappy Evan.png

    Unhappy Evan.png

    Neither of them are happy :>
  3. The Threat!

    The Threat!

    I have some slight alts on my patreon!
  4. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir https://www.deviantart.com/adrienoir
  5. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: Welcome to the Family 2019-09-05

    Evan brings home the new little 'bundle of joy' and they begin the process of adjusting to the new member of the family.
  6. Leeroy spanking Terry

    Leeroy spanking Terry

    Terry was a naughty boy, clearly.
  7. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: New Home and New Addition 2019-08-31

    Terry convinces Evan that relocating to a bigger home is a good idea so the family is busy with moving and getting settled in. There is some chaos involved but that pales in comparison to what happens when Evan decides to adopt a little redhead.
  8. Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick was a brat.
  9. Terry and Evan Topping

    Terry and Evan Topping

    This was not what Terry had in mind.
  10. Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and his subby Skye
  11. Julian Ref

    Julian Ref

    Evan and Remi's little brother Julian.
  12. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: First Meeting 2019-08-29

    A glimpse at the first interactions between Terry and Evan. Clearly no one ever taught Terry that it's dangerous to get into the car with strangers.
  13. Terry and Crystal

    Terry and Crystal

    Another daily doodle. Clearly Crystal was naughty
  14. Terry Pinup

    Terry Pinup

    This was done for a patreon request stream.
  15. Bedtime Blues

    Bedtime Blues

    A patreon reward ;>
  16. Terry and his bike

    Terry and his bike

    OTP ;>
  17. Kitty Evan and Terry

    Kitty Evan and Terry

    Evan is such a cat.
  18. Evan and Terry snuggles

    Evan and Terry snuggles

    Evan offering some comfort to a poor, punished Terry.
  19. Brutality


    Street fighting can lead to serious consequences. Bad Terry
  20. Jade brat

    Jade brat

    Jade was being naaaaaughty~