1. The Threat!

    The Threat!

    I have some slight alts on my patreon!
  2. Overdued


    An older commission of Yang spanking Weiss from the fandom RWBY, hope you enjoy~
  3. Vincent and Tris.png

    Vincent and Tris.png

    A patreon reward I got from the lovely PassionateShadow~ Their character Vincent spanking my character Tristan~
  4. eluka_frog_01.png


    Spanker: Medusa Spankee: Eruka Artist: Unknown
  5. Spanking In The Classroom

    Spanking In The Classroom

    Artist and characters unknown
  6. Trouble With The Boss

    Trouble With The Boss

    Spanker:Boss Spankee: Employee Artist:Sodano
  7. Lana Spanks Jaqli

    Lana Spanks Jaqli

    Spanker: Lana Spankee: Jaqli Artist: dkstudios05
  8. Vault of Wardens

    Vault of Wardens

    Spanker: Night Elf Spankee: Demon Hunter Artist: Perpentach
  9. There Will Be Consequences

    There Will Be Consequences

    Astist: Shiniez
  10. Fancy Meeting You Here

    Fancy Meeting You Here

    Astist: YesIdid
  11. Mistress


    Artist and characters unknown
  12. Azula Spanks Mai

    Azula Spanks Mai

    Spanker: Azula Spankee: Mai Artist: Xx Dani xX
  13. Hinata Spanks A Bitch

    Hinata Spanks A Bitch

    Spanker: Hinata Spankee: Naruto Artist Jaktherenegade
  14. Hinata Gives Boruto A spanking

    Hinata Gives Boruto A spanking

    Spanker: Hinata Spankee: Boruto Artist:Ashion
  15. juan and yang  RWBY

    juan and yang RWBY

  16. Aizawa_deku_sm_.png


  17. Blue Cuties For Yunu

    Blue Cuties For Yunu

    Commission I had for a while. I enjoyed designing the males clothing a little more
  18. Kaori and Mizuki get Dominated pt4

    Kaori and Mizuki get Dominated pt4

    Source: Subs: Kaori Kansaki and Captain Mizuki Dom: Princess Do-s
  19. Kaori Gets Dominated pt2

    Kaori Gets Dominated pt2

    Source: Dom: Princess Do-s Sub: Kaori Kansaki
  20. Zombieman's Domination

    Zombieman's Domination

    Source: Artist: Garikaliev