size difference

  1. Link navi.png

    Link navi.png

    A commission For someone! Was a lot of fun!! Though the coloring took a lot of me
  2. Commission 3

    Commission 3

    Another commission
  3. The Big Bad Wolf

    The Big Bad Wolf

    Tori went off into the woods when she shouldn't have, Matthew had to save her.
  4. Little Love Dove.png

    Little Love Dove.png

    Matthew/Crevan snuggles
  5. Remiel Kaelyn and Tempo

    Remiel Kaelyn and Tempo

    Find my works earlier here :
  6. No More Warnings

    No More Warnings

    In the game WoW (world of warcraft) almost all the NPC characters in the game have touch dialog. If you keep poking them with your stylist they will say different things and the more you do it the more angrier they get. One of the Npc characters in the game known as Matron Mother Malevolence...