purple hair

  1. Sinbad


    A reward chosen by my lovely patrons~
  2. Crev and Temps New years

    Crev and Temps New years

    A little thing PS did for New Years~
  3. Tempo Tied Up

    Tempo Tied Up

    Let's color match~
  4. Tempo Julian Couch Fun

    Tempo Julian Couch Fun

    Pouty lil' brat
  5. Cheeky Brats

    Cheeky Brats

    Tempo being a cheeky lil' brat.
  6. When Dragons Meet v2

    When Dragons Meet v2

    An alt version ;>
  7. When Dragons Meet v1

    When Dragons Meet v1

    Another from one of my request streams
  8. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy

    Tempo was sassy when he shouldn't be, Remiel is not amused.
  9. Nikki Kage 3

    Nikki Kage 3

    Part 3 of 3
  10. Nikki Kage 2

    Nikki Kage 2

    Part 2 of 3
  11. Nikki Kage 1

    Nikki Kage 1

    Part 1 of 3
  12. Nikki and Sally 2

    Nikki and Sally 2

    Part two
  13. Nikki and Sally 1

    Nikki and Sally 1

    Sketch commission for a friend
  14. It's Been Awhile

    It's Been Awhile

    He's asking for it, the brat
  15. Braze and Tempo

    Braze and Tempo

    Brats being brats
  16. Wrestling Chicks

    Wrestling Chicks

  17. Nero and Rin

    Nero and Rin

    A sketchy commission for Nero
  18. Tempo


    A cute Tempo butt ;>
  19. Tempo lingerie

    Tempo lingerie

    Tempo showing off his new lingerie ;>
  20. Can I Keep It?

    Can I Keep It?

    A reward from one of PS's patreon request streams~ Tempo and lil' Kaelyn in his dragon form. FLUFFY!