1. Sinbad


    A reward chosen by my lovely patrons~
  2. Jack Corner

    Jack Corner

    Some of my older work~
  3. Matthew and Asher

    Matthew and Asher

    A lovely commission from my lovely <3 Asher is my daddy vamp Bitty Matthew belongs to PS~
  4. Kagome in Class

    Kagome in Class

    Commission from Anonymous
  5. juan and yang .png

    juan and yang .png

  6. Kaelyn


    A naughty lil' dragon bratling. A gift from my lovely~
  7. Fox yukata

    Fox yukata

    Fury butt A commission from the lovely PassionateShadow~
  8. that way

    that way

    A collab I did with PS! PS did the sketch and I did the lines and the colors.
  9. Page Crevy

    Page Crevy

    A younger version of the fantasy Crevan.
  10. Crev and Temps New years

    Crev and Temps New years

    A little thing PS did for New Years~
  11. Bitty Crev and fox

    Bitty Crev and fox

    The first artwork of Crevy~ Commission from PS
  12. School girl Harmony

    School girl Harmony

    Fury's twin sister Harmony. Art by PS
  13. Fury solo

    Fury solo

    Fury fox Art by PS
  14. Fury cornertime

    Fury cornertime

    Little Fury~ Art by PS <3
  15. Fury and Harmony

    Fury and Harmony

    A commission from PS, my little kitsunes as kidlets. Fury is the boy and Harmony is the girl.
  16. Romani


    From a free art giveaway I did.
  17. Marshal Lee Gumball

    Marshal Lee Gumball

  18. Talynn


    My OC Talynn.
  19. Margaret and Nina

    Margaret and Nina

    Commission ;>
  20. Angel Cat/Fox

    Angel Cat/Fox

    Simple commission!