1. Melody of the Heart: Sue's Easter Basket.

    Melody of the Heart: Sue's Easter Basket.

    Susan awoke on her first easter at the manner house to a pleasant, yet embarrassing surprise. It seems word of her misdeeds had reached the ears of the fable Easter Bunny. Who had taken it upon himself to send a clear warring to Sue in the form of a tailored paddle with her name written upon it...
  2. In the domme's den

    In the domme's den

    It's been a rough time for me but I am slowly getting back on track and am introducing my most recent finished piece. If you'd like to enjoy the uncensored version and to support me and my art, please consider becoming a patron~
  3. Power Paddle Rangers

    Power Paddle Rangers

    Artist: Aprion
  4. Playtime


    Artist: Aprion
  5. Keeper


    Artist: Aprion
  6. Kassi Gets It

    Kassi Gets It

    Artist: Aprion
  7. Gift


    Artist: Aprion
  8. Pet Kitty

    Pet Kitty

    Artist: Aprion
  9. It Stings It Burns

    It Stings It Burns

    Artist: Aprion
  10. Naughty


    Artist: Aprion
  11. Pizza Brats

    Pizza Brats

    Artist: Aprion
  12. Repent


    Artist: Aprion
  13. The Housecall

    The Housecall

    Artist: Aprion
  14. Mad Machine

    Mad Machine

    Artist: Aprion
  15. Mad Science

    Mad Science

    Artist: Aprion
  16. Kinky Angel

    Kinky Angel

    Artist: Aprion
  17. Caught In The Act

    Caught In The Act

    Artist: Aprion
  18. The Adventures of Madeline: Saturday Detention

    The Adventures of Madeline: Saturday Detention

    Madeline is a TG (Transgender) girl living in the small town of Benton, MS. One autumn afternoon, she found herself running late for class. And as it so happed she caught the attention of the school prefect, who was none too fond of Madeline. And well, taking the chance she decided to spring a...
  19. Leeroy spanking Terry

    Leeroy spanking Terry

    Terry was a naughty boy, clearly.
  20. Fox paddle

    Fox paddle