opal eyes

  1. Page Crevy

    Page Crevy

    A younger version of the fantasy Crevan.
  2. Crev and Temps New years

    Crev and Temps New years

    A little thing PS did for New Years~
  3. ice rink cuddles

    ice rink cuddles

    Another cutie pic of Crevan and Matthew
  4. Crev Matt and foxes

    Crev Matt and foxes

    A cute little gift PS gave me <3
  5. Come Here

    Come Here

    A commission from AllMight, colored by PS
  6. sketchy matthew and crevan

    sketchy matthew and crevan

    A sketchy commission I got from PS.
  7. Foxy cuddles and spanks

    Foxy cuddles and spanks

    More cute spanks.
  8. Little Love Dove.png

    Little Love Dove.png

    Matthew/Crevan snuggles
  9. When the Cat's Away

    When the Cat's Away

    A picture to accompany the story of the same title.
  10. CleverFox

    The Collection: When the Cat's Away 2019-08-28

    When Matthew leaves his little pets alone Killian gets up to mischief, which involves tormenting Crevan. Needless to say the master of the house is not pleased when he returns home and learns that his little pets disobeyed.