1. Fox cane

    Fox cane

  2. Fox Belt

    Fox Belt

  3. Fox paddle

    Fox paddle

  4. Wolf and the Vixen

    Wolf and the Vixen

  5. James Clair sexy times

    James Clair sexy times

    wolf and fox
  6. Bathhouse commission advertisement

    Bathhouse commission advertisement

    An old commission advertisement
  7. Kagome and mom 4

    Kagome and mom 4

    Part of a commissioned series
  8. Matthew and Dawne

    Matthew and Dawne

    A commission for a friend
  9. Playtime


    f/f sketchy commission
  10. more f f sketch comm

    more f f sketch comm

    Another sketchy commission
  11. f f sketch comm

    f f sketch comm

  12. f/f


  13. Hunger Games Comm

    Hunger Games Comm

    Another of my sketchy commissions
  14. DBZ Yaoi

    DBZ Yaoi

    Don't recall where this is one came from but it was one of my old files.
  15. Yaoi


    Found this whilst browsing google images for In These Words.
  16. Kinky Alphabet A-G

    Kinky Alphabet A-G

    Some cute kinky - education cards I started to make.
  17. kagome park bench august 1.png

    kagome park bench august 1.png

    A new update in the series! Hope every one enjoys! ;>