1. Research essentials: commission

    Research essentials: commission

    Much of Saturn's current time is spent researching, exploring and promoting the arts and sciences and leading his nations scientific and cultural development. Of course mostly before the war. However, he is still a disciplinarian and doesn't tolerate misbehavior among his staff and assistants...
  2. random find.png

    random find.png

  3. CleverFox

    MHA: Caught in the Act 2020-01-31

    Fighting without paying attentions to your surroundings is not a smart idea for a hero, as Todoroki and Bakugo learn when Aizawa interrupts their fight. Getting on the bad side of the grumpy and perpetually sleep-deprived teacher is not a good idea.
  4. The Threat!

    The Threat!

    I have some slight alts on my patreon!
  5. Vincent and Tris.png

    Vincent and Tris.png

    A patreon reward I got from the lovely PassionateShadow~ Their character Vincent spanking my character Tristan~
  6. Aizawa_deku_sm_.png


  7. Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Another cute commission by Pastel~
  8. Killian and Matthew

    Killian and Matthew

    Clearly the little redhead did something he shouldn't have. A commission by the lovely Pastel~ https://www.deviantart.com/pastel-hime
  9. CleverFox

    Parties and Pink Bottoms 2019-09-03

    Taking a dragon to a party can be dangerous, especially when shinies abound. Remiel learns this the hard way and then Tempo learns the hard way that a game is only a game if everyone knows they are playing.
  10. Leeroy spanking Terry

    Leeroy spanking Terry

    Terry was a naughty boy, clearly.
  11. Jim and Terry

    Jim and Terry

    Scene from an RP.
  12. Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick was a brat.
  13. Naughty Little Fox

    Naughty Little Fox

    A sketch by PS featuring Tyler
  14. Angel

    Malice 2019-08-29

    From a BL Game called "Malice".
  15. Terry and Evan Topping

    Terry and Evan Topping

    This was not what Terry had in mind.
  16. Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and his subby Skye
  17. When Dragons Meet v2

    When Dragons Meet v2

    An alt version ;>
  18. When Dragons Meet v1

    When Dragons Meet v1

    Another from one of my request streams
  19. rarcoryn


    A lineart commission
  20. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy

    Tempo was sassy when he shouldn't be, Remiel is not amused.