1. CleverFox

    Bedtime Blues 2019-09-20

    It's past bedtime but Crevan would rather have some fun. Unfortunately this is interrupted and it's Tyler who takes the fall for his friend. Written for Angel~
  2. CleverFox

    Woes of the Foxboys 2019-09-15

    Skipping class is just never a good idea, a lesson that Tyler and Crevan both learn the hard way. Another little gift I wrote for a friend~
  3. CleverFox

    Red-tailed Fox 2019-09-13

    Fighting at school is never a good thing, a lesson that Tyler learns the hard way. Just a little story that I wrote for a friend.
  4. Fox yukata

    Fox yukata

    Fury butt A commission from the lovely PassionateShadow~
  5. Bedtime Spanks

    Bedtime Spanks

    Another commission by the lovely Pastel~
  6. School girl Harmony

    School girl Harmony

    Fury's twin sister Harmony. Art by PS
  7. Fury solo

    Fury solo

    Fury fox Art by PS
  8. Fury cornertime

    Fury cornertime

    Little Fury~ Art by PS <3
  9. Fury and Harmony

    Fury and Harmony

    A commission from PS, my little kitsunes as kidlets. Fury is the boy and Harmony is the girl.
  10. Angel Cat/Fox

    Angel Cat/Fox

    Simple commission!
  11. Gabe Commission

    Gabe Commission

    An older commission
  12. old commission advertisement

    old commission advertisement

    Another old advertisement I did
  13. Nikki Kage 3

    Nikki Kage 3

    Part 3 of 3
  14. Nikki Kage 2

    Nikki Kage 2

    Part 2 of 3
  15. Nikki Kage 1

    Nikki Kage 1

    Part 1 of 3
  16. Nikki and Sally 2

    Nikki and Sally 2

    Part two
  17. Nikki and Sally 1

    Nikki and Sally 1

    Sketch commission for a friend
  18. Keiko elf and bunny

    Keiko elf and bunny

  19. Charlotte and Dawne

    Charlotte and Dawne

    A commission I did for a friend of mine
  20. Fox cane

    Fox cane