1. A very LIT commission

    A very LIT commission

    Show: Assassination Classroom Spanker: Nagisa Shiota Spankee: Kaede Kayano Spectator: Kuro-Sensei Q!
  2. Margaret and Nina

    Margaret and Nina

    Commission ;>
  3. BUT MOM!!!

    BUT MOM!!!

    Some may wonder: What would be the results if one of the purest and holiest creature were to give birth after having sex with a half breed? Well, apparently Rose's light cleansed Akuma's genes from his impure dragon side and as such... yes. The commander of the first legion, the archangel...
  4. Rose and Silvana

    Rose and Silvana

    It is known in the whole underworld that exceeding in a sin is not good, either it be greed or gluttony, tales are narrated that there are some archangels that care for everyone souls and are ready to do anything in order to redeem ourselves if we let them to. For Silvana, a druid that just...
  5. Enough with the sushi  ( 2015 pic)

    Enough with the sushi ( 2015 pic)

    Rose's husband a half-breed named Akuma has a sushi tooth rather impressive. Often he'd bring her wife to sushi restaurants "All you can eat" and without any shame for his gluttony often kept on ordering over and over until either he'd get asked to leave the restaurant or... well his wife...
  6. Double Dose

    Double Dose

    Artist: Aprion
  7. Chats N Spanks

    Chats N Spanks

    Artist: Aprion
  8. BC and Stardust

    BC and Stardust

    Artist: Aprion
  9. Day Spanked

    Day Spanked

    Artist: Aprion
  10. Belfs Are Good For One Thing.

    Belfs Are Good For One Thing.

    Artist: Aprion
  11. Aiden Fayleaf and Weiss Schnee

    Aiden Fayleaf and Weiss Schnee

    Aiden Fayleaf is my friends OC, while Weiss Schnee is from RWBY Series.
  12. Evan spanking Cole

    Evan spanking Cole

  13. Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick was a brat.
  14. [C] Warmed Pancakes

    [C] Warmed Pancakes

    Commission for AHappyPikachu
  15. Outdoors


  16. Nikki Kage 2

    Nikki Kage 2

    Part 2 of 3
  17. More Jack and Terry

    More Jack and Terry

    More of Jack and Terry ;>
  18. Gabe Commission

    Gabe Commission

    An older commission
  19. Bathhouse commission advertisement

    Bathhouse commission advertisement

    An old commission advertisement


    Sketchy comm