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  1. Aizawa_deku_sm_.png


  2. The Adventures of Madeline: Saturday Detention

    The Adventures of Madeline: Saturday Detention

    Madeline is a TG (Transgender) girl living in the small town of Benton, MS. One autumn afternoon, she found herself running late for class. And as it so happed she caught the attention of the school prefect, who was none too fond of Madeline. And well, taking the chance she decided to spring a...
  3. OwO


    Tori training Matthew to be a good boy.
  4. Charlotte and Dawne

    Charlotte and Dawne

    A commission I did for a friend of mine
  5. Fox Belt

    Fox Belt

  6. Fox paddle

    Fox paddle

  7. The Call

    The Call

    teases before my last visit. This was an actual call and it was so mean!
  8. Tori and Matthew

    Tori and Matthew

    A request from patreon ;>


    Old commission
  10. DnD Playtime Rule 2

    DnD Playtime Rule 2

    I did not MEAN to tell on myself.
  11. The Big Bad Wolf

    The Big Bad Wolf

    Tori went off into the woods when she shouldn't have, Matthew had to save her.
  12. DnD Playtime Rule 1

    DnD Playtime Rule 1

    Arguing about bedtime is CLEARLY a bad idea.
  13. Jade brat

    Jade brat

    Jade was being naaaaaughty~
  14. Jaden ref

    Jaden ref

    Terry and Evan's daughter Jaden, usually called Jade.
  15. DnD Diaries Logo.png

    DnD Diaries Logo.png

    The logo for a little series PS and I are doing revolving around our real life experiences.
  16. Lovers Quarrel.png

    Lovers Quarrel.png

    Another collab I did with PS! Matthew and Tori this time~
  17. Corner Time

    Corner Time

  18. Ezrael.png


    Evan's slut puppy angel daddy~
  19. Tyler Headshot

    Tyler Headshot

  20. Chibi Tyler

    Chibi Tyler