1. fun times.png

    fun times.png

    Enjoy ;>
  2. Lil' Evan

    Lil' Evan

    A tiny pageboy Evan with WHITE wings~ Art by the always lovely PS
  3. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir https://www.deviantart.com/adrienoir
  4. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: Welcome to the Family 2019-09-05

    Evan brings home the new little 'bundle of joy' and they begin the process of adjusting to the new member of the family.
  5. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: New Home and New Addition 2019-08-31

    Terry convinces Evan that relocating to a bigger home is a good idea so the family is busy with moving and getting settled in. There is some chaos involved but that pales in comparison to what happens when Evan decides to adopt a little redhead.
  6. Terry and Evan Topping

    Terry and Evan Topping

    This was not what Terry had in mind.
  7. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: First Meeting 2019-08-29

    A glimpse at the first interactions between Terry and Evan. Clearly no one ever taught Terry that it's dangerous to get into the car with strangers.
  8. Kitty Evan and Terry

    Kitty Evan and Terry

    Evan is such a cat.
  9. Evan and Terry snuggles

    Evan and Terry snuggles

    Evan offering some comfort to a poor, punished Terry.
  10. Evan and Terry smut.png

    Evan and Terry smut.png

    A collab I did with PS! I did the colors, still learning the art thing~
  11. No More Kids

    No More Kids

    A cute little comic!
  12. Belts hurt ok.png

    Belts hurt ok.png

    If you're enjoying a spanking, don't let your dom know!
  13. Just a Trick.png

    Just a Trick.png

    Accompanies the story by the same title. Evan learns the hard way that silence is bad when it comes to children.
  14. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: Just a Trick 2019-08-28

    Evan's in charge of watching Trick and he learns the hardway that silence is a BAD sign when kids are involved. His cat is the target of a prank and he is not amused.
  15. CleverFox

    Take Me to Church: Life Lessons Extended 2019-08-27

    After a fight with Evan, Terry runs off and then is tempted by trouble. He makes a startling discovery about Evan and after the fact Evan has to suffer for it. WARNING: This story contains a whipping scene.
  16. Terry/ Nikki/ Trick

    Terry/ Nikki/ Trick

    Small comic drawn by Adrienoir featuring Terry catching the little ones looking at things they perhaps should not!
  17. Evan / Crystal 123 Commission by Adrienoir

    Evan / Crystal 123 Commission by Adrienoir

    Lovely commission by the ever wonderful Adrienoir~! Crystal is the oldest of Evan and Terry's kids and he tends to be the most devious when it comes to planning what to do.
  18. Kinky Alphabet A-G

    Kinky Alphabet A-G

    Some cute kinky - education cards I started to make.
  19. Evan and Terry in a Confessional

    Evan and Terry in a Confessional

    There's a story that goes to this one some where. When you drag race in your dom's car and they find out you're going to be in trouble; and even hiding in a church wont save you~
  20. terry did something bad 2 sm.png

    terry did something bad 2 sm.png

    What a Naughty boy! This was a personal work and you can find the un censored version over on my patreon at : https://www.patreon.com/PassionateShadow