1. CleverFox

    MHA: A Different Kind of Bonding 2019-08-27

    After a fight with Deku, Bakugo learns that All Might is more perceptive than he would have thought and also has a very hard hand. This story takes place after Bakugo and Midoriya get into a fight in Season 3.
  2. CleverFox

    MHA: Deku's Discipline 2019-08-26

    Going all out every single time that he uses the power of One for All has proven to have disastrous consequences for Midoriya on more than one occasion. Aizawa decides that he's had enough and that this is something that he has to address.
  3. CleverFox

    MHA: Bakugo's Sentence 2019-08-26

    In the world of future heroes, peer pressure can be a good thing but when it's taken to the extreme it becomes a problem. This is a serious problem for Bakugo and one that Aizawa decides to deal with in a somewhat unconventional manner. After all, teachers are permitted to deal with things as...
  4. Terry/ Nikki/ Trick

    Terry/ Nikki/ Trick

    Small comic drawn by Adrienoir featuring Terry catching the little ones looking at things they perhaps should not!
  5. Evan / Crystal 123 Commission by Adrienoir

    Evan / Crystal 123 Commission by Adrienoir

    Lovely commission by the ever wonderful Adrienoir~! Crystal is the oldest of Evan and Terry's kids and he tends to be the most devious when it comes to planning what to do.
  6. Batman and Nightwing

    Batman and Nightwing

    Found this one whilst browsing Pintrest. One of my favorite match ups!
  7. Deku / Bakugo

    Deku / Bakugo

    Found this whilst browsing Pinterest. The text is Korean I think it says Deku top left - "Kachan! As friends, Don't Bully me I told you! Deu top right " Lats time same story!" Baku go close up *hic* No. Green text at the bottom - * Grip of a pro hero* Bakugo left panel. " Excuse me if...
  8. Kinky Alphabet A-G

    Kinky Alphabet A-G

    Some cute kinky - education cards I started to make.
  9. kagome park bench august 1.png

    kagome park bench august 1.png

    A new update in the series! Hope every one enjoys! ;>
  10. Evan and Terry in a Confessional

    Evan and Terry in a Confessional

    There's a story that goes to this one some where. When you drag race in your dom's car and they find out you're going to be in trouble; and even hiding in a church wont save you~
  11. terry did something bad 2 sm.png

    terry did something bad 2 sm.png

    What a Naughty boy! This was a personal work and you can find the un censored version over on my patreon at : https://www.patreon.com/PassionateShadow