1. that way

    that way

    A collab I did with PS! PS did the sketch and I did the lines and the colors.
  2. commision doodles 1.png

    commision doodles 1.png

    I did these all summer long until well tomorrow and boy howdy where they fun thanks to everyone who got one and this is only the first one from the set!
  3. Fussy Prince(ss).png

    Fussy Prince(ss).png

    For the patreon reward of July two thousand and eighteen. I asked Pastel-Hime to draw me, getting my make-up down and my hair up in rollers. She did a wonderful job. And I'm very happy with it. But that hairbrush stung like a son-of-a-gun!
  4. Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and his subby Skye
  5. Rainbow Temps

    Rainbow Temps

  6. old commission advertisement

    old commission advertisement

    Another old advertisement I did
  7. ladies


  8. 3 dollar commission

    3 dollar commission

    a cutie
  9. sailor Crevy

    sailor Crevy

    Another cute little gift from my lovely
  10. Halloween card

    Halloween card

    A gift from my lovely for Halloween~
  11. Sexy Fox

    Sexy Fox

    A cutie fox
  12. ice rink cuddles

    ice rink cuddles

    Another cutie pic of Crevan and Matthew
  13. Crev Matt and foxes

    Crev Matt and foxes

    A cute little gift PS gave me <3
  14. Kaoru 3 dollar commission

    Kaoru 3 dollar commission

    Older work, from a 3$ sale
  15. Tempo lingerie

    Tempo lingerie

    Tempo showing off his new lingerie ;>
  16. Can I Keep It?

    Can I Keep It?

    A reward from one of PS's patreon request streams~ Tempo and lil' Kaelyn in his dragon form. FLUFFY!
  17. Matt and Tori nighttime

    Matt and Tori nighttime

    Matthew and Victoria
  18. Cute Family

    Cute Family

    Matthew, Victoria and one of their kidlets
  19. Free to a Good Home pt 2

    Free to a Good Home pt 2

    Part two of the commission ;>
  20. Free to a Good Home pt 1

    Free to a Good Home pt 1

    An old commission ;>