1. Melodies of the Heart: The Water balloon fight

    Melodies of the Heart: The Water balloon fight

    A cute little doodle I commissioned from my lovely friend AshlyOTK last year, but due to the trial, chances and changes of this world I'm just now getting a chance to upload and share with every one. There was a mistake in communication and Sue has brown eyes instead of pink ones here, but...
  2. Mirror


    A commission
  3. Matthew and Asher

    Matthew and Asher

    A lovely commission from my lovely <3 Asher is my daddy vamp Bitty Matthew belongs to PS~
  4. Kagome in Class

    Kagome in Class

    Commission from Anonymous
  5. The Vicksburg Tales: Maids, Tea and Spanking

    The Vicksburg Tales: Maids, Tea and Spanking

    Each year, the students of St. Katherine's Episcopal Academy, a private Episcopalian Academy that caters to the few remaining Episcoplain Gentry of Vicksburg, MS. The Bell family chief among them holds a week-long celebration where each club puts on events on booths for the enjoyment of the...
  6. Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Another cute commission by Pastel~
  7. Killian and Matthew

    Killian and Matthew

    Clearly the little redhead did something he shouldn't have. A commission by the lovely Pastel~
  8. Fox yukata

    Fox yukata

    Fury butt A commission from the lovely PassionateShadow~
  9. Bedtime Spanks

    Bedtime Spanks

    Another commission by the lovely Pastel~
  10. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir
  11. Twinsie snuggles

    Twinsie snuggles

    Rafe comforting a sad Crevy. A commission by the lovely Pastel
  12. Pouty Crevy

    Pouty Crevy

    A commission done by the lovely Pastel~
  13. Bitty Crev and fox

    Bitty Crev and fox

    The first artwork of Crevy~ Commission from PS
  14. School girl Harmony

    School girl Harmony

    Fury's twin sister Harmony. Art by PS
  15. Fury solo

    Fury solo

    Fury fox Art by PS
  16. Fury cornertime

    Fury cornertime

    Little Fury~ Art by PS <3
  17. Fury and Harmony

    Fury and Harmony

    A commission from PS, my little kitsunes as kidlets. Fury is the boy and Harmony is the girl.
  18. Rhei and Jasmine

    Rhei and Jasmine

    A commission
  19. Nagas


    An old commission
  20. School Fun MF

    School Fun MF

    Pt 2 of the commission series. Characters are 18+