1. Guilty Treasure Chapter 1 Page 13.png

    Guilty Treasure Chapter 1 Page 13.png

    Whooo boy these look rough. They are about 5 years old x3; It gets better I swear, but I'm trying not to spam the site with uploads. 5 a day was suggested, so 5 a day I shall upload till I get all caught up. Till then, please enjoy my webcomic and copy/pasted descriptions~ - * My Patreon...
  2. [C] Aftercare

    [C] Aftercare

    Commission for Anon Commission prices: $35 for one character (full body) +$5 per extra character +$5 simple background (color, gradient, pattern) +$10 scenic background (bedroom, beach etc.) If you can, please donate to my Patreon! ^.^ Thanks to...
  3. st5


    5 of 5 commission
  4. st3


    3 of 5 commission