blue eyes

  1. The Threat!

    The Threat!

    I have some slight alts on my patreon!
  2. Vincent and Tris.png

    Vincent and Tris.png

    A patreon reward I got from the lovely PassionateShadow~ Their character Vincent spanking my character Tristan~
  3. Matthew and Asher

    Matthew and Asher

    A lovely commission from my lovely <3 Asher is my daddy vamp Bitty Matthew belongs to PS~
  4. Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Another cute commission by Pastel~
  5. Killian and Matthew

    Killian and Matthew

    Clearly the little redhead did something he shouldn't have. A commission by the lovely Pastel~
  6. Lil' Evan

    Lil' Evan

    A tiny pageboy Evan with WHITE wings~ Art by the always lovely PS
  7. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir
  8. Twinsie snuggles

    Twinsie snuggles

    Rafe comforting a sad Crevy. A commission by the lovely Pastel
  9. Pouty Crevy

    Pouty Crevy

    A commission done by the lovely Pastel~
  10. Bitty Crev and fox

    Bitty Crev and fox

    The first artwork of Crevy~ Commission from PS
  11. Maid Boi

    Maid Boi

  12. The Mischief of Jamie Sarah Potter

    The Mischief of Jamie Sarah Potter

    As students of Benton Academy counted down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till the end of the school year. Jamie Sarah Potter busied herself hatching a plan that will go down in the annals of school history. Instead, she ended up having a one on one meeting with the 'Board of Education' if...
  13. Leeroy spanking Terry

    Leeroy spanking Terry

    Terry was a naughty boy, clearly.
  14. Jim and Terry

    Jim and Terry

    Scene from an RP.
  15. Angel Cat/Fox

    Angel Cat/Fox

    Simple commission!
  16. Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick and Terry spanking

    Trick was a brat.
  17. Melody of the Heart: The Pitch and Burst

    Melody of the Heart: The Pitch and Burst

    A few months have passed since James came out as 'Jane' on her thirteenth birthday. Summer now in full swing. And with the coming of summer, comes the yearly cook-outs. This year for the year a 'Pitch and Burst' attraction was rented out for the children. A cheaper alternative to the classic...
  18. Todoroki corner time

    Todoroki corner time

    A reward for one of my patrons.
  19. Pink Angel

    Pink Angel

    A gift for a friend.
  20. OwO


    Tori training Matthew to be a good boy.