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  1. The Threat!

    The Threat!

    I have some slight alts on my patreon!
  2. Jack Corner

    Jack Corner

    Some of my older work~
  3. Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Another cute commission by Pastel~
  4. Lil' Evan

    Lil' Evan

    A tiny pageboy Evan with WHITE wings~ Art by the always lovely PS
  5. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir
  6. Maid Boi

    Maid Boi

  7. School Fun MF

    School Fun MF

    Pt 2 of the commission series. Characters are 18+
  8. School Fun FM

    School Fun FM

    Pt 1 of a 2 part commission. Characters are 18+
  9. Melody of the Heart: The Pitch and Burst

    Melody of the Heart: The Pitch and Burst

    A few months have passed since James came out as 'Jane' on her thirteenth birthday. Summer now in full swing. And with the coming of summer, comes the yearly cook-outs. This year for the year a 'Pitch and Burst' attraction was rented out for the children. A cheaper alternative to the classic...
  10. [C] Warmed Pancakes

    [C] Warmed Pancakes

    Commission for AHappyPikachu
  11. Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and SkyeSkye

    Julian and his subby Skye
  12. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy

    Tempo was sassy when he shouldn't be, Remiel is not amused.
  13. Nikki and Sally 2

    Nikki and Sally 2

    Part two
  14. Nikki and Sally 1

    Nikki and Sally 1

    Sketch commission for a friend
  15. More Jack and Terry

    More Jack and Terry

    More of Jack and Terry ;>
  16. Wrestling Chicks

    Wrestling Chicks

  17. Bathhouse commission advertisement

    Bathhouse commission advertisement

    An old commission advertisement
  18. 3 dollar commission

    3 dollar commission

    a cutie
  19. Nero and Rin

    Nero and Rin

    A sketchy commission for Nero
  20. Nero commission

    Nero commission

    A commission for Nero