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  1. Research essentials: commission

    Research essentials: commission

    Much of Saturn's current time is spent researching, exploring and promoting the arts and sciences and leading his nations scientific and cultural development. Of course mostly before the war. However, he is still a disciplinarian and doesn't tolerate misbehavior among his staff and assistants...
  2. eluka_frog_01.png


    Spanker: Medusa Spankee: Eruka Artist: Unknown
  3. Spanking In The Classroom

    Spanking In The Classroom

    Artist and characters unknown
  4. Lana Spanks Jaqli

    Lana Spanks Jaqli

    Spanker: Lana Spankee: Jaqli Artist: dkstudios05
  5. Vault of Wardens

    Vault of Wardens

    Spanker: Night Elf Spankee: Demon Hunter Artist: Perpentach
  6. There Will Be Consequences

    There Will Be Consequences

    Astist: Shiniez
  7. Azula Spanks Mai

    Azula Spanks Mai

    Spanker: Azula Spankee: Mai Artist: Xx Dani xX
  8. Hinata Spanks A Bitch

    Hinata Spanks A Bitch

    Spanker: Hinata Spankee: Naruto Artist Jaktherenegade
  9. Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Pillow Fight Aftermath

    Another cute commission by Pastel~
  10. Evan and Crystal

    Evan and Crystal

    Crystal found trouble for himself. Commission from the lovely Adrienoir
  11. Pouty Crevy

    Pouty Crevy

    A commission done by the lovely Pastel~
  12. Fury cornertime

    Fury cornertime

    Little Fury~ Art by PS <3
  13. Aizawa and Tenshi

    Aizawa and Tenshi

    Goes along with the story MHA: Little Devil~ Tenshi is a brat
  14. Marshal Lee Gumball

    Marshal Lee Gumball

  15. Rhei and Jasmine

    Rhei and Jasmine

    A commission
  16. Margaret and Nina

    Margaret and Nina

    Commission ;>
  17. Playing with a Sith

    Playing with a Sith

  18. Gift


    Artist: Aprion
  19. For A Friend

    For A Friend

    Artist: Aprion
  20. Tantrum Trouble pt 3

    Tantrum Trouble pt 3

    Part 3 Artist: Aprion