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  1. pippy-kun

    Come One Come All for the Art Give Away

    Show: Rwby Characters: Ruby Rose and Adam Taurus Spanker: Adam Spankee: Ruby Expressions: Adam Smirking while ruby is throwing a tiny fit trying to scape but he's got her held firmly down. Type: Over the shoulder her beating on his back some Implement: None, just a hand while wearing his glove.
  2. pippy-kun

    Leo Lee (All images of him are found here) M A I N Full Name : Leopold Lee Nickname : Leo Age : 25 Gender : Male DOB : (7/14/1992) POB : Omgeta (Pronouced; Ohmm-get-ah) forest. Currently Lives : Round tree Valley Race : Demon Ethnicity : Mixed race (White and Tibetan)...
  3. Ryu Tachibana

    Ryu Tachibana

    My Character I made for bnha/Mha Oc Her name is Ryu Tachibana she lost her arms because of her lava quirk (Yes that is dabi's arm and yes she does have prosthetic)
  4. Fire emblem Dnd Character Benji

    Fire emblem Dnd Character Benji

    Benji is a side character i made incase thingss ever went sour for my main (Who i'll post later
  5. Perdita


    The dancer i main right now in fire emblem Fallen kingdom dnd~ I've had a blast playing her so far because i get to explore areas i wouldn't normally explore.
  6. Alister Angel face

    Alister Angel face

    My Angel Boy Alister whos got a but of a unique halo tho im not sure what to do with him i still nejoy his design~ I eventually need to draw Argius soon cause he's the oracle angel i have
  7. Rebecca ref sheet

    Rebecca ref sheet

    Probably one of my favorite ocs i made this year is Rebecca I mostly did this for my friends thing but I was told by PS it was okay to submit my sfw art as well so here i am doing that
  8. pippy-kun

    🎃 Spank'Tober Community Project! 🎃 Heres the one did~! I had fun <3
  9. Leaving out the window but ready for round too

    Leaving out the window but ready for round too

    I AM EARLY I KNOW BUT I GOT A IDEA BECAUSE I WAS WATCHING SOMETHING CALLED "KILL COUNT" where they take old slasher movies/horror movies and tally up the deaths in it so its been fun i adored working on this I really like the darker themed lighting~ Character is 18+
  10. pippy-kun

    Comment by 'pippy-kun' on gallery image 'Jim and Terry'

    Hot damnnnnn <3
  11. pippy-kun

    Favorite Implement?

    Hmmmm Id have to say mine favorite happens to be a soft leather belt nothing to rough but nothing to like brand new out of the box either, Though i am enjoying spoons as of right now <:3c
  12. Old doodle dump

    Old doodle dump

    This is my oc Pippy's Dads Theo and Marco <3 Also including the first times i drew them back when i drew this this which if i remember was only a year prior? so good on me.
  13. unfair trade off

    unfair trade off

    My first drawing i did back at the start of this year after being like away from the kink scene Plus yes that is my logo i began using that ps made me this year <3 oc is over 18+ I just drew her chibi sized cause shes smol yes that is a saitama Oppai hoodie
  14. doodle dump.png

    doodle dump.png

    These are old consepts for my character pippy Though the hair skin and eyes are the same color the outfit and the dragon consept never stayed very long x'D Also yes there is a differance between the oc pippy and me Pippy-Kun its just I wasn't original when i first made my nsfw Url but here i...
  15. commision doodles 2

    commision doodles 2

    More of the commisions batches i did~! from this summer I have one more i need to add to this little set but i plan on uploading it once its done~
  16. commision doodles 1.png

    commision doodles 1.png

    I did these all summer long until well tomorrow and boy howdy where they fun thanks to everyone who got one and this is only the first one from the set!
  17. Link navi.png

    Link navi.png

    A commission For someone! Was a lot of fun!! Though the coloring took a lot of me
  18. pippy-kun

    Comment by 'pippy-kun' on gallery image 'Pink Angel'

    *loud gasp* Thats my boi! Its Alistar~!
  19. pippy-kun

    Introduce Yourself!

    HI im Pippy Im a artist and i enjoy working with 3d models
  20. pleasures of pain

    pleasures of pain

    A redo of a very old pic I did a while ago; All Characters are above 21+ The Top is my OC who just right now Goes by "Sir" (His real name is Mavrick) And The bottom is my character Marijane (MJ for short) By all notes his eye ball stand for something~ But i dont wanna ruin that lil secret...