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    Passion's Roleplay Resume

    I'm an experienced role-player and have been Role-Playing for over 18+ years now. I tend to lean towards intricate plot based role plays and love the idea of working towards a strong relationship between characters. I have experiences GMing/ DMing so I can easily set up game like role-plays and...
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    PassionateShadow Commissions

    Examples: Deviant Art Examples Pleasure Style ❤ Bust: $12 Sketch - $18 Line - $25 Full Color ❤ Waist Up: $20 Sketch - $30 Line - $45 Color ❤ Full Body: $30 Sketch - $45 Line - $55 Full Color Pastel Style ❤ Full Body: $5 Sketch - $8 Line - $10 Flat Color Petite /Chibi Style ❤ Full Body: $3...
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    Rules! Heed them!

    General You must be 18 years of age or older to register. Never give out personal information: Staff members will never ask you for your password or any other personal information. Any requests for personal information are strictly prohibited. No spamming outside the Chatter forum: The chatter...
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