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  1. PassionateShadow

    New Role Play and Forum updates!

    We Have a fun active group Discord Roleplaying Setting! You can join Last Chance here: We are currently doing some forum updates. Image up load sizes have been made bigger so enjoy~
  2. Kodora and Kitsuko.png

    Kodora and Kitsuko.png

    Something I did for myself. Enjoy ;>
  3. fun times.png

    fun times.png

    Enjoy ;>
  4. Unhappy Evan.png

    Unhappy Evan.png

    Neither of them are happy :>
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    PassionateShadow Commissions

    Updated with Tos
  6. PassionateShadow

    Comment by 'PassionateShadow' on gallery image 'Dana Discipline 3/3'

    Beautiful work as always. I absolutely love your coloring style.
  7. PassionateShadow

    Comment by 'PassionateShadow' on gallery image 'Nonna and Katyusha'

    Very nice work I love the soft coloring
  8. PassionateShadow

    Setting Info

    House rules state no ones to go into the woods~ rumors and legends lots of folklore of the town talk about creatures that live there sometimes small balls of light that whisper seem to try to lead children into the woods Rumors talk of the faceless man in the woods, They say the faceless man...
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    Bio Template

    Name: Age: Gender: Species: Height: Hair: Eyes: Role: Personality: Background: Image: [required]
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    Server Rules 1. This server is strictly 18+. If you're under the age of 18, sorry but you are not allowed here. 2. Please be respectful to other members, do not get into arguments or cause needless drama. 3. Absolutely NO roleplaying anything sexual with any character under the age of 18...
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    Setting Information

    This roleplay takes place in the fictional kingdom of Illyria, a place with something of a Victorian feel to it. In this kingdom, humans are in the minority, and various other species not only exist but thrive. No one species is 'born evil', they were instead shaped by how they were raised and...
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    School Rules 1. Be on time at the beginning of the day and after lunch or recess breaks. 2. Come prepared with supplies and complete homework. 3. Be kind, polite, and courteous to others. Share with others. 4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 5. Use equipment properly 6...
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    Setting Information Locations and More

    Power Inhibitor Collars Inhibitor collars/bracelets are high-tech gear that inhibits or suppresses your powers to a certain degree. They are designed to be almost impossible to take off without proper utilization tools. Collar inhibitors keep track of some basic vitals and have tracking...
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    Administration Headmaster/Warden: Matthew Headmistress/Guidance Counselor: Victoria Security Chief of Security...
  15. PassionateShadow

    Merits and Demerits

    Alex: Aria: Naomi: Susan: Becky: Alta: Nikki: Olivia: Zachary: Kage: Crystal: Riley: Nero:
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    Character Creation Guidelines

    'Magical powers' should be within the realm of believability, even in fantasy land This is anything from actual spells, to psychic abilities, to freaky super martial arts. You shouldn't be able to take down guards in a single punch, Blow up someone's mind, read their mind (every last thought) ...
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    Discord Moderator Applications
  18. School Twins

    School Twins

    Commission I had of some twins! Hoe you guys enjoy!