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  1. Spankable Vegeta

    (Open RP! Need Spankee) The Bratty Prince of Planet Vegeta

    Rote wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea that he was now in charge of Prince Vegeta's education and training. The boy was barely six years old but had overpowered every teacher he had been given within just a short few months. And if Rote was being honest with himself, he wasn't sure how...
  2. Spankable Vegeta

    Other Punishments?

    Enema's or Ginger Figging. People say I'm a sadist. I just happen to enjoy spanking the super brats and real bad boys who need tough correction :P If it's for something kinkier with a partner. Orgasm Denial/Chastity is hot
  3. Spankable Vegeta

    Favorite Position?

    Over the knee for sure. Or have them lay down and you can sit on their legs. Those are my favorites
  4. Spankable Vegeta

    Favorite Implement?

    Nothing better than a hairbrush or paddle. Nothing better then hard oak beating the sass out of ass I say.
  5. Spankable Vegeta

    Fandom & OC Roleplay Recruitment

    Name: Spankable Vegeta Role: Seme/Spanker Sexuality: Gay, prefers M/M pairings Fandoms: Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia Info: My required standard of Roleplaying is the ability to post 2-3 Paragraphs per post. Shorter replies, especially one-liners will instantly kill any interest that...