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  1. Nonna and Katyusha

    Nonna and Katyusha

    Commission of Nonna teasing Katyusha while spanking her and saying that her butt looks cute~
  2. Katyusha and Nonna

    Katyusha and Nonna

    An after spanking moment between Katyusha and Nonna from Girls un Panzer.
  3. A very LIT commission

    A very LIT commission

    Show: Assassination Classroom Spanker: Nagisa Shiota Spankee: Kaede Kayano Spectator: Kuro-Sensei Q!
  4. PearlGoth

    Comment by 'PearlGoth' on gallery image 'random find.png'

    Ah, that's Prince Soma and Agni spanking him ~They're from Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler ?
  5. PearlGoth

    Comment by 'PearlGoth' on gallery image 'geralt ciri.png'

    Splendid work and I simply adore the lighting~ ✨
  6. Domme's den [re-upload]

    Domme's den [re-upload]

    An uncensored version of the previously uploaded 'Domme's den", please enjoy~
  7. Overdued


    An older commission of Yang spanking Weiss from the fandom RWBY, hope you enjoy~
  8. BunButt


    One of my older commissions. This one features Usalia paddling Mojirita from Disgaea 5. Hope you enjoy~
  9. Yang spanks Blake

    Yang spanks Blake

    An older commission of Yang spanking Blake from the fandom RWBY. Hope you enjoy~
  10. Goddess discipline

    Goddess discipline

    An older commission of an OC and the character Pallas from Saint Seiya Omega. Please enjoy~
  11. Hana spanking Yuki

    Hana spanking Yuki

    Complete commission. Movie: Wolf Children Spanker: Hana Spankee: Yuki Spectator: Ame
  12. PearlGoth

    Comment by 'PearlGoth' on gallery image 'Vincent and Tris.png'

    I'm in love with the details <3
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    Little Trouble Maker

    After storing the paperwork away Dawn got her makeup bag and headed to the washroom to do her make up for the interview which took her around twenty minutes. Nothing far from the look she'd choose for herself on a daily basis since work in a tattoo parlor usually allows more than a natural...
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    Dawn [From "Little Trouble Maker"]

    Name: Dawn Nickname/Alias: undecided Age: 22 Apparent Age: 19 Date of Birth: May 27, 1997 Species/Ethnicity: Human, Asian. Gender: Female Height: 5'4 Weight: 124 lb Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark brown Markings/scars/other defining characteristics: Nothing out of the ordinary...
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    Little Trouble Maker

    Meanwhile, Keira's older sister Dawn was at their home tidying up the house. She still had a few hours before her interview with one particular tattoo parlor. She had just recently finished her training program to get her licensure. While the young woman was still employed as a bartender in a...